New Online Writing Course!

I feel a bit like Steve Martin’s character in The Jerk when he was elated that the new phone book came out.

The new UCLA Extension Summer Quarter 2013 catalog is out! 

The new UCLA Extension Summer Quarter 2013 catalog is out!

Why am I so excited? Because on page 124 you will find the listing for my brand new course, Intermediate Picture Book Writing. The idea behind this course is to provide an opportunity for students who have taken either a beginning picture book or easy reader course (through UCLA Extension) and want to learn even more about picture books and have a chance to work on another manuscript. I’m thrilled to have the chance to teach this class!
If you didn’t get the summer quarter catalog, you can learn more about the class by clicking here.
I hope to meet you in cyber-space again!

Introduction to Writing Easy Readers…Coming soon to a computer near you!

My, oh my, how times flies! My upcoming UCLA Extension Writers’ Program online course, Introduction to Writing Easy Readers, is on the spring schedule. It seems like I just finished my fall course! If you’re interested in learning more about the upcoming class, please go to:

And look for the upcoming summer course catalog to discover a brand new course I’ll be teaching for experienced writers for young children (how’s that for teaser?).

Great news! Registration is now open for my upcoming online writing course, “Introduction to Writing Easy Readers” offered through UCLA Extension Writers’ Program. The class will run from Oct. 3- Dec. 5.

For more information, please go to: https://www.uclaextension.edu/pages/Course.aspx?reg=Y6921.

I’m so excited to be able to teach this course again! I love exploring this often overlooked but oh-so-important genre of children’s literature. Head on over to the link for details :-).