As the Book Release Nears…

Today on EMU’s Debuts, I talk about the fun task of creating an inscription.

EMU's Debuts

On January 31, my picture book, MY BUSY GREEN GARDEN was released! (Okay, since you had to ask, I’ll show you the cover).


And I’m super-fortunate to have my first board book, MAMA LOVES YOU SO coming out in March (Well, if you insist, here’s that cover, as well!)


Now, before you go thinking this all about me shamelessly promoting my new books, let me say I do have a point. And it’s an important one. And important and fun part of the “book deal to publication” process. What is Terry, you eagerly ask?



I recently took a copy of my book to my local library to donate to their children’s library. I was also running a bunch of errands so as I left my house I grabbed the book. Then it suddenly occurred to me…ack! I needed to sign in. What to say? What to say?

Here’s my…

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Book Birthday!

MY BUSY GREEN GARDEN is now out in the world! Who is this book for? (you might ask) It’s perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners and educators who are looking for a nature-based story about animals in the garden.

Do you like ladybugs, praying mantises, grasshoppers and the like? Give this book a look (because seriously, the art is gorgeous!). MY BUSY GREEN GARDEN would be a terrific addition to any early childhood curriculum about insects and metamorphosis. Or for any critter-loving kid!

If you’d like to hear some of the backstory of the story, the Vermont College of Fine Arts WCYA Launch Pad is featuring an interview with me today. So exciting! Click HERE to read it.





Tomorrow, my picture book, MY BUSY GREEN GARDEN will be released into the world! I’m so excited about this book because the art is stunning (well done, Carol Schwartz!) and the text was so much fun to write.


In a nutshell (or in this case, maybe I should say a chrysalis), this book is about life in a flower garden and the creatures that inhabit or visit it. The cumulative text builds as more animals come into the garden, all while something mysterious is happening in the background.

Why am I posting a day before my book’s official birthday? Because children’s author Sarvinder Naberhaus posted a wonderful interview today on EMU’s Debuts, with Carol Schwartz and myself. Click HERE to read it. And I’m giving away a signed copy of the book for one lucky person who leaves a comment.

And just a reminder, tomorrow is the last day to enter my Goodreads Giveaway for a signed copy of MY BUSY GREEN GARDEN. To enter, click HERE.

Happy reading!