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My Busy Green Garden
My Busy Green Garden
Written by Terry Pierce. Illustrated by Carol Schwartz.
Tilbury House, 2017.

A lyrical tribute to the bugs, bees and birds that make the garden such a busy place. With each page turn, more visitors appear, and all the while the “surprise”—a chrysalis—changes unnoticed until, on the last page, a butterfly emerges and flies away.

School Library Journal: “The text is repetitive with strong rhyme and an abundant dance of action verbs, well-suited to the portrayal of the bustling garden… The visuals provide depth to the simple text, with vibrant colors and rich details…
Verdict: An engaging read-aloud for young children and new readers, with a lot to discover among the diversity of both the flora and fauna shown in the illustrations.”

The Midwest Book Review: “My Busy Green Garden is a rhyming children’s picturebook about the bustle of insect and natural life in a lush green garden. Charming illustrations perfectly complement the singsong rhyme, and a final page of fascinating animal facts round out this delightful storybook. My Busy Green Garden is just plain fun to read aloud, and highly recommended.”

CCBC 2018 Best of the Year List: CCBC Choices is a best-of-the-year list created annually by the librarians of the Cooperative Children’s Book Center and published by the Friends of the CCBC, Inc.

Mama Loves You So
Mama Loves You So
Written by Terry Pierce. Illustrated by Simone Shin.
Little Simon, 2017.

With a lilting lullaby text and lovely illustrations, the New Books for Newborns stories are the perfect first books for new parents to share with their littlest ones. This book celebrates a mother’s love trumping even majestic mother nature…a mama’s love is higher than a mountain and deeper than any stream.

Kirkus Review: “All mamas love their babies, whether human or animal. ‘Higher than an eagle flies, pure as sparkling snow, / stronger than a stony peak, / Mama loves you so.’ The rhyming verse unfurls similar sentiments across each double-page spread. The autumn-toned art… sets these verses in various animal habitats, including an eyrie in the mountains, the woods where fox and bear mother-and-child dyads explore, and a tree with dangling possum and joey…A lovely lullaby…”


Tae Kwon Do!
Tae Kwon Do!
Written by Terry Pierce. Todd Bonia.
Random House, 2006.

Get a kick out of reading! In this taekwondo class, kicking, punching, jumping and even board-breaking are all part of the fun!

Kirkus Review: “Parents, teachers and librarians desperate for first-level child appealing readers will cheer out loud.”

Blackberry Banquet
Blackberry Banquet
Written by Terry Pierce. Illustrated by Lisa Downey.
Arbordale Publishing, 2008.

A cumulative, rollicking, rhyming tale about feasting forest animals who are interrupted by a big, hungry bear.

Children’s Literature Review: “Teachers can’t go wrong with this entertaining book and the activities that contain math, science, geography, and language arts lessons.”

Laughin' Slammin' Jammin' Jokefest
Laughin’ Jammin’ Slammin’ Jokefest
Written by Terry Pierce and Jacqueline Horsfall.
Sterling Publishing, 2007.

How does a cowboy cross the ocean?
On his seahorse, of course!

This little volume—jam-packed with satisfying merriment—outjests ever other jokefest with ridiculous riddles jibing jokes, outrageous one-liners, silly sidebars and much more.

Where in the World Are You?
Where in the World Are You?
Written by Terry Pierce.
Schoolwide, Inc., 2015

This concept book, rich in photographs, is meant to teach basics of geography and cosmology. It explores the universal truth that that we are all part of the same place in space. In cumulative fashion, the story takes the reader from the outer reaches of the universe to our galaxy to our solar system to our planet, continuing to the reader’s own room.

Out Of Print

Mother Goose Collection
Mother Goose Rhymes Series
Written by Terry Pierce.
Picture Window Books, 2007.

Including: Sleepy Time, Cuddly Critters, Friendly Faces, Forecasting Fun, Counting Your Way, Tick Tock

Joke Book Collection
Greatest Goofiest Jokes
Written by Terry Pierce. Illustrated by Buck Jones.
Sterling Publishing, 2004.
Goofy Knock-Knocks
Written by Terry Pierce. Illustrated by Debra Dixon.
Sterling Publishing, 2004.
Pet Jokes That Will Make You Howl!
Written by Terry Pierce and Ruth Musgrave. Illustrated by Laura Coyle.
Sterling Publishing, 2005.
Hawai'i A-Z Non-Fiction Coloring Book Series
Hawai’i A-Z Non-Fiction Coloring Book Series
Written by Terry Pierce.
Bess Press, 2004.

Volcanoes. Coral Reefs. Surfing. Dangerous Sea Creatures.

Two Tales of Hawai'i
Two Tales of Hawai’i
Written by Terry Pierce. Illustrated by Kristen Kofsky.
Island Heritage Publishing, 2003

A unique combination of fiction (mythology) and nonfiction (science) explain how the Hawaiian Islands were formed.