Let’s face it—nobody likes receiving a rejection letter. Yes, there are things we can learn from them, but the bottom line is that a rejection is still a rejection. No sale. Nada. Zip. But once in a great while, a rejection letter makes me laugh—like the one I received today.

I sent the manuscript for The Blackberry Bush to a publisher (who shall remain anonymous) in August of 2005. Yes folks, that’s right. August of 2-0-0-5. Today, June 9, 2-0-0-7, I received a rejection letter on the story. Now, normally this would have really ticked me off (even though I’d have given up on said publisher long ago). But since The Blackberry Bush is now under production as Blackberry Banquet with the ever-insightful Sylvan Dell Publishing, I could laugh at this latest rejection letter.

So take heart–not all rejections will bring a howling cry of frustration. Sometimes they bring a howl of laughter–at the glacial speed of this business, or at the delight in knowing that someone else “discovered” your story while others missed that golden opportunity. It’s a crazy business we live in, isn’t it?

One thought on “MY KIND OF REJECTION

  1. Hey Terry,My claim to unfame is that a publisher once returned a manuscript (rejection) seven years after I submitted it, and then asked for more work! Greg


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