Dessert Challenge @ GottaBook

My blog friend, Greg Pincus, has taken my comment that if he doesn’t have a favorite dessert it’s because he hasn’t tasted them all, to a challenge. He’s going to make it his life’s mission to find the perfect dessert and is welcoming others to joing him (a noble quest, don’t you think?)I told Greg that of course, I’m willing, even though I already have a couple of favorites (yes, I’m just that good of a friend).

The best dessert I ever had was at the 1999 SCBWI Golden Kite Awards luncheon at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. It was a work of art—a paper-thin crispy waffle-style cup, lined with dark OMG chocolate (that’s the good kind—the stuff that makes you say, “Oh My Gosh!”). Inside was thick French vanilla bean custard, drizzled with more dark chocolate. Over that, was a scattering of raspberries and blueberries, drizzled with more chocolate, and topped with whipped cream and more berries. Even the plates were artfully decorated with raspberry sauce drizzled into beautiful patterns. I think the hotel pastry chefs deserved a Golden Kite Award for their artistic achievement!

I long for that dessert…but alas, I fear I shall never have it again (my thighs are thanking me).

So here’s a challenge—how would you describe your favorite dessert? We’re all wordsmiths here—give it your best shot. Make my mouth water with your scrumptious word choices. I dare you!

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