Back from the Silver Falls Retreat, Oregon

I’m back from the Silver Falls Retreat in Oregon, hosted by the SCBWI-Oregon chapter. I don’t believe there could be a more perfect setting for a writer’s retreat (other than Yosemite, perhaps); a rainforest-esque backdrop, splashes of autumn colors in the deciduous trees, patches of clouds dancing amongst the treetops, babbling brooks, delicate waterfalls and a group of highly creative children’s authors and editors.

Boy, was it hard to drive to PDX to catch my flight home!

Here are a couple of quotes from some of the speakers that you might enjoy:

“Anyone can write. Only a real writer can revise.”–Margaret Bechard

“I saw the angel in the marble and I just chiseled till I set him free.”—Deborah Brodie quoting Michelangelo.

“I recommend three things to all children’s writers: 1) take acting lessons (to better understand how to get into your characters), 2) voice lessons (for when you begin public speaking), and 3) join a storytelling group or class.”—Bruce Coville.