Holiday Stress? Take 9:26 and Relax!

Are the holidays starting to get to you? All that online shopping (if you’re an introvert) or commando shopping at the mall (if you’re an extrovert); the decorating, baking, planning, and all that ho-ho-ho-ing, while of course, still trying to keep up with your family and your job, whether it be clinging to your creative writing soul or heading out into the “real” world every day. It’s just about enough to make a person go crazy, isn’t it?

Well, here’s my hot little tip for all of you kid-lit folks who need to take a 9-minute and 26-second break from the world. First, go pour yourself a glass of wine (red or white, it doesn’t matter to me) or whatever beverage gives you an “Ahhh…” moment. While you’re in the kitchen, raid your hidden stash of chocolate (you know, the good stuff that you hide from your kids). Go ahead–grab a couple of pieces and your glass of wine, then take them to your computer. Lock your office door or hang the “Do Not Disturb: Writer at Work” sign. Make sure you turn on the computer speakers (not too loud, just enough for clarity and a soothing sensation). Now, click here.

Put your feet up, take a sip of wine and nibble on your chocolate. Let it melt in your mouth as the music pours over your weary soul and your eyes come to rest on a sampling of beautiful images that are all about what we strive to do.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Stress? Take 9:26 and Relax!

  1. Thanks Terry,It was very relaxing (and inspiring) up until the “Godfather” music at the end. I felt like Marlon Brando was sneaking up behind me 🙂


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