Blackberry Banquet Off to the Printer!

Blackberry Banquet was sent to the printer today. Yea! Now that the writing is complete, the illustrations finished, and the design and layout all done, it’s in the hands of the printer. Now, one might think this is when a writer can lean back, sigh and take a rest, but au contraire. Now is when a whole different kind of work begins–promotional marketing!

Just yesterday I assembled my 3-ring binder to organize all of my notes and ideas for marketing Blackberry Banquet. I have to set up book signings, design promotional materials, make announcements, make changes in my school presentations, determine appropriate book awards , make website changes, develop some interesting ideas and contests for my blog, create a list of reviewers and business professionals to inform, and of course, keep in touch with Sylvan Dell’s fabulous publicist to that we can work together on our strategy.

It doesn’t sound too glamorous, does it? Well, it isn’t. But it’s a big part of what every author needs to do if they want their book release to be successful. That’s the part “they” don’t tell you about when you’re dreaming of becoming a published children’s author ;-).

Oops–just thought of a great idea–hmm…I wonder how much a Blimp would cost?

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