Interesting Read at Editorial Anonymous

I was “under the weather” last week so I’m just now getting caught up on reading my favorite blogs and websites. Man, it feels like I’ve been away for a month! Anyway, I just read a post on Editorial Anonymous that I thought was quite interesting. Her reader posted a question that I’ve often wondered about, particularly with novel submissions: What happens after you’ve sent out your full manuscript upon request?

I think writers ponder this often. After all, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors in those white ivory publishing towers. We fantasize that if our novel has been requested, it means an editor is eagerly awaiting its arrival, tapping her toe as she anticipates the mail delivery, then ripping the envelope from the mail carrier’s hands leaving him with nothing but paper-cut hands and a quivering bottom lip.

Said editor hangs the “Do not disturb” sign on her office door and locks it tighter than a Brinks armored truck, tears open the package and sits back with the anticipation of reading the next Great American Novel. She cannot put down our masterpiece. She reads through the entire day, gleening the most inner satisfaction that’s every been realized since the invention of reading. At 4:59 PM she throws open the door and runs down the hallway yelling, “Stop the presses! We must publish this NOW!” She calls us immediately and gushes endlessly about our brilliance and thanks us for letting HER be the lucky chosen one to first read our story. And she offers us a contract that would make JK Rowling look like the Little Match Girl.

No? Am I off a bit? Hmm… Okay, if you have any doubts, and want a taste of reality, head on over to her blog.