Searching for an Agent?

It’s been said that getting an agent is as hard as getting a manuscript acceptance. I believe it. In fact, I’d say that it’s even harder. I’ve tried off and on for the past four years or so to acquire an agent, but haven’t had any success. I’ve sold many manuscripts though. And my writer colleagues tell me that once you have a few books out, it becomes much easier to acquire an agent. Hmm… Seventeen books later and still no agent. Yep, the agent quest is definitely more difficult for this little writer.

In the recent research of agents (by the way, if you know of any reputable agents who are just dying to acquire a contemporary adventure novel, you can give them my name ;-), I’ve come across a couple of things I’d like to share–in case you too are on the search.

First, is a fabulous article that Harold Underdown recently posted on his website, The Purple Crayon. Harold not only discusses agent basics (what they do for you, why you might need one, how to find one), he also helps writers to understand how to recognize good agents and avoid the “less scrupulous” ones; which is key. He’s even done a comparison on three different agent websites to help folks understand what to look for in researching agents online.

The other site I like is Chuck Sambuchino’s blog. Chuck is the editor for The Guide to Literary Agents (published by Writer’s Digest). His website is great, but I really like the blog too. He gives a lot of sound advice and interesting posts about this crazy business in which we work.

Happy searching~ may we all eventually find our perfect agent!