Children’s Book Council and Squidoo

Today I found out that Blackberry Banquet is being featured on the Children’s Book Council website’s “Hot Off the Press: A Sneak Peek at Publishers’ Newest and Hottest Titles” (their monthly feature of anticipated bestselling titles). Okay, I’m stoked! Doesn’t that just make you want to run out and buy a copy? 😉 And check out the other titles on the list–these are some fabulous books!

On a different note, this past weekend, I Squidooed—did you? Squidoo is a website that features “lenses” (single-page websites) that feature all kinds of interesting things, written by folks with a particular area of expertise. I wrote about Ten Things to Do with a Book to give parents and teachers some possible ideas to extend the reading experience with their children or students. Want to learn about Fibonacci Poetry? Check out Greg Pincus’s lens. There are all kinds of subjects (my husband found a interesting lens on green architecture that he’s planning to share with his students). I imagine there is everything from how to change the oil in your car to how to make a banana split. Check it out!

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