Back from BEA

I’m back from Book Expo America. Wow–what an experience! I had the pleasure of meeting some of the Sylvan Dell Publishing team and hanging out with them at their booth. It was fabulous to be able to chat with them and really get to discuss some aspects of the publishing business that I’ve always wondered about.

My plan was to walk the floor of the smaller hall on Friday (which I did) and take on the larger hall on Saturday (which I didn’t–a migraine started setting in on Sat. morning so I was forced to cut my day short). But you know, it really didn’t bother me all that much. It would have been nice to see the huge hall and schmooze with other people, but I felt so fortunate to have spent the time with the Sylvan Dell team, seen so many NEW books coming out, and met up with my SCBWI buddies, that I couldn’t complain! My signing went well–my books were gone within just a few minutes and I had a chance to connect with fellow book (and berry) lovers.
Other highlights: Dinner in Chinatown at Yang Chow Restaurant with four other authors; Caroline Hatton (The Night Olympic Team), Catherine Ipcizade (‘Twas the Day Before Zoo Day), Debbi Florence (China: A Kaleidoscope Kids Book), and Anastasia Suen (author of over 90 books!). The food and company were both fabulous!

Now I’m really psyched to go to the American Library Association Conference in Anaheim at the end of June!