What’s Your Favorite Book on Writing?

Happy summer, everyone!

Summer is a great time to catch up on reading, and while I always have a stack of children’s books nearby to read, I also use this time to read books on the craft of writing. I know I have my personal favorites that I’ve read and re-read, and I wondered if any of you would like to share your favorites too. So how about it? What’s your favorite craft book on writing (or writing and illustrating) for children (not marketing–just craft).

I’ll start with my three most favorite (and I’m not counting The Elements of Writing by Wm. Strunk and E.B. White since it’s a given that we all own a copy). Oh wait, I just checked my bookshelf and realized it’s impossible for me to narrow it down to three! I’ll try five.

Hmm…okay, this won’t work either. Too tough! I’ll break it down into two categories; Writing for children and Writing in General, and I’ll keep it at three titles. Here they are:

Writing in General:
1. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne & Dave King.
2. The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman.
3. Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder.

Writing for Children:
1. How to Write a Children’s Book and Get It Published by Barbara Seuling.
2. Picture Writing by Anastasia Suen.
3. The Art of Writing for Children by Connie Epstein.

Some of these are the books on which I cut my writer’s teeth and have much special meaning to me. Some are a bit more recent, but they all provide wonderful information for how to get started and how to fine-tune your work.

Oh, I could go on and on, and after I receive some of your suggestions, I will! I’ll post a full list of everyone’s suggestions after a few days.

Thanks for leaving a comment with your favorite writing books. I’m looking forward to seeing your recommendations!

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Book on Writing?

  1. I love “Picture Writing”, but since you listed that one, I will try to give you three different ones..1. “You Can Write Children’s Books” by Tracey E Dils – this was the very first writing book I ever purchased and it is quite worn…2. “The Complete Idoit’s Guide to Publishing Chidren’s Books” by Harold D Underdown and Lynne Rominger – I took a writing course that suggested this book and I have found it quite useful3. “Creating Characters Kids Will Love” by Elain Marie Alphin – I have found this useful in helping my main characters seem real and fun


  2. Hi Terry,Under the category of books about writing in general, I would like to suggest “Bird By Bird’ by Anne Lamott. When I checked it out, I expected a rather dry and proper discourse on a systematic writing technique. Instead, it is an wonderful read about writing and life, at times hilarious, sad and poignant all at once.


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