Sylvan Dell Publishing’s "Book Beat"

Sylvan Dell Publishing (publisher of Blackberry Banquet) puts out a bi-monthly newsletter called Book Beat that’s filled with all kinds of interesting things about reading, their company, books, authors and illustrators. This month I’m proud to say that they have included the winning recipe of my recent contest, “On Top of the Stove Blackberry Cobbler.” You can see the current issue of Book Beat by clicking here.

This was such a great and easy recipe that I wanted to share a little bit more about the recipe and the winner, Jean Ann Williams. The recipe has been passed down for three generations. At age twelve, she began making “On-Top-of-the-Stove Blackberry Cobbler” from berries her siblings picked by the pond, enjoying the dish hot or cold at every meal. She now serves the dessert with vanilla ice cream to her family. Jean Ann has published many healthy eating articles for the teen audience and has a blog at

And guess what? I’ve been experimenting, and you can make it with other fruit as well. Yummmmy!

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