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Sandy Yoon has worked in all kinds of libraries for almost 34 years. Her master degrees are in English (CSUB) and School of Library and Information Management (USC). Her current occupation is Coordinator of Library Media Services for the Bakersfield City School District. She’s also adjunct faculty for Fresno Pacific University in the Teacher Librarian graduate program. Currently, she is president of the California School Library Association and an Area Director for the California Reading Association.

Traveling is a great excuse with two children who are Navy aviators. Reading is a passion that has endured since she gave her oral book reports in first grade. Her love of storytelling is an offshoot of the reading bug and a family chock full of interesting stories.

I thought Sandra could offer writers and illustrators a unique perspective in regards to school visits and networking.

You are involved with one of the largest California author fairs in the state (Kern Reading Association YAF), so you’ve had much experience in observing authors in action. What advice would you give to authors/illustrators who are starting to do school visits?
I coordinate the author selection and financials for the annual Kern Reading Association’s Young Authors’ Fair ($100,000 for authors, book sales, and school payments). The event is actually a combination of committed volunteers who assist with every aspect of the schedule and timing.
The advice I would give to authors/illustrators who are starting to do school visits—communicate! Once you have the booking then you need to ask for schedules (autographing, lunch, breaks), transportation details, honorarium (how will it be paid), AV possibilities (most schools do not have state-of-the-art microphones, etc.), and physical description of the speaking area (is it a classroom, auditorium, library). How big is the audience? What ages/grade levels will be in the same presentation? How many presentations does the school/library expect for the honorarium that is being paid?

What are some advantages that writers/illustrators could benefit from by joining state reading and library associations, and attending their conferences?
Advantages of joining state reading and library associations: exposure! The author/illustrator may have to pay their own expenses but the contacts made at state conferences are invaluable. I’ve selected numerous authors and illustrators because I saw them in action at a state event. It also provided a venue to talk to other people who have had the presenter at their school/library in the past.

What is your favorite children’s joke?
I love knock, knock jokes!

Sandra asked me to post a knock-knock joke for her, since she loves them all. So, I thought this one might work for her, especially when mid-May rolls around 😉

Who’s there?
Harvey who?
Harvey done yet?

Thank you so much, Sandra!

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