Holiday Stress: Take 10:14 and Relax!

Okay, it’s time for my annual “stop and relax” post. This has nothing to do with writing–well, maybe except that on top of all our writing responsibilities, we try to do everything under the Christmas Star to make it a wonderful holiday for our family and friends, often at the expense of our own sanity. And we know how stress can affect our writing, right? (see how I’m trying really hard to make this related to writing–even though it really isn’t!).

So, here’s what I propose you do. Just like I recommended last year (but don’t bother going back to that post, for some reason the video link went kablooey), go get yourself a glass of wine. Red or white. Your choice. Go on…I’ll wait. Got it? Okay, now hang the “Writer at Work” door hanger on your office door and lock the door behind you. Now, light one of those holiday candles you’ve got sitting around. Any scent will do, whatever works for you–pine, cinnamon, hollyberry, whatever. Turn on your computer speakers, put your feet up, take a sip of wine, and click HERE. Ahhh…enjoy…

Did that help to relax you a bit? I hope so! Maybe it’s because I saw this performance in concert, or maybe it’s because the first time I heard “Prelude” (the first part of the video) was shortly after a good friend died of cancer (thus its haunting tone and sadness still sends chills down my spine), but this music has special meaning to me. It always touches that inner part of me, like music and words do to people on a very personal level (see how I related it back to writing–I’m trying here!).
So, don’t forget to take these moments during the hectic holiday season and r-e-l-a-x… You’ll be so much happier if you do!