Greetings from Oregon!

Just thought I’d pop in to say that I’m in Oregon this week doing a three-day school visit at Bryom Elementary in Tualatin. I just finished Day Two of my visit and I have to say–WOW–these kids are amazing! Not only are the Byrom students polite, friendly and energetic, but their writing samples from the writing workshops I’ve been doing with them have shown their creative talents. From story writing, to poetry, to jokes, these kids have a knack for the written word. Today I heard some fabulous “Wish Poems” from a group of third graders. Try this with your students/children. Have them write a poem (no rhyming) where each line begins with, “I wish…”. This simple sentence starter unlocks their imaginations to so many things for which they could wish.

And I’ve totally enjoyed reading my books to the students, but have especially had fun reading Blackberry Banquet, since it really was “born” in Oregon while I was berry picking one morning. These kids appreciate a good blackberry story!

Happy reading and writing!