New Children’s Agent

Ugh…I just got over a four-day migraine. The only good thing that came of it was that one day I was so dopey from my migraine meds that while I talking to my husband, I messed up my wording and accidentally said something quite funny that I think will make for a funny children’s book. Sorry, I can’t share exactly what I said (I never talk about story ideas before I write them because when I do, I lose the enthusiasm for the project before I even put pencil to paper), but suffice it to say that since it was born from a semi-medicated state, it’s gotta be on the humorous side ;-).

Okay, onto more relevant things. Last week, my writer friend
Jill Corcoran announced that she has joined the Ronnie Herman Agency, as Ronnie’s new associate agent. CONGRATULATIONS, JILL!!! Jill is the type of person who is a natural at schmoozing, striking up conversations, and totally in her element in professional situations. And she’s downright nice. Yes, she’s a true extrovert and loves it. As an introvert, I’d feel my air flow expire and want to just curl up in the corner and die if I had to do the job of an literary agent, but I DO admire those who can do it–and Jill is one of them. I wish her the best of luck in her new endeavor >^..^<

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