VC Residency: Day 5

Okay, this place is awesome, and awe-inspiring. I had my first workshop session yesterday and I was blown away at the insightful comments on the work being critiqued by the students and advisor, Uma Krishaswami. Uma has a calming energy along with keen eye and amazing insight into picture books. I was totally floored by our workshop session. Tomorrow is my turn for getting my two stories critiqued, and Kathi Appelt should be there as well, which I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve seen six faculty/graduating student lectures thus far, on a variety of topics. Very interesting and packed with information.

The dining experience has been…hit and miss…so tonight, when my fellow first semester students opted to go into Montpelier for dinner, I jumped on the chance. It was kind of funny–it felt like we were breaking out of the big house or something (not that VCFA feels like a prison at all, but we’ve just been confined to the program for five days now and all felt the need for a little break…out). And even though it wasn’t quite like the Mexican food I’m used to in CA, it was still good.

Tomorrow AM I hope to walk into Montepelier and get some real coffee (not the cafeteria stuff). I’m craving a decent cup of coffee like you wouldn’t believe!

Until then…