All My Bags Are Packed…I’m Ready to Go

The 2009 summer residency is officially over, yet I’m still here. Why? Well, with flights such as they are, I thought it would be much more enjoyable to hang out here, rather than an airport. Sooo, I don’t leave for the aiport until later this morning. I really wish I COULD leave sooner, but it just didn’t work out.

This morning I was so excited that I woke up at 5:00. Couldn’t get back to sleep, so I finally crawled out of bed at 6:00. Praddled around a bit and had my leftover coffee drink from yesterday. Then I walked my “dorm box” of “stuff” that I’d mailed to myself here, back over to the VC mailroom to ship it back to myself at home.

I ran down to the cafeteria for some juice. Couldn’t stomach eating anything. Couldn’t bear to go into the dining room. Just the smell made me want to leave. It’s not that the food here is always bad, it’s just that it’s bad often enough to cause one to tire of it quickly. And really, even if it were delicious, how often can one eat off a plastic tray and stand in a chow line without it becoming a bit old? I was reminded of the infamous scenes from M*A*S*H when Hawkeye and BJ would sniff the food followed by some hilariouis comment about the cuisine.

Anyway, I’m eager to get home, unpack, hug my family and get to work. My head is spinning with ideas so I want to get to it!

2 thoughts on “All My Bags Are Packed…I’m Ready to Go

  1. Sorry our paths barely crossed at the residency, but I enjoyed reading your “posts from the rez” and wish you a terrific semester. 🙂


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