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This week, two URLs came to me from my SCBWI Listserve that are well-worth looking into.

The first one was shared by Barbara Beitz. It’s a great site called Beyond Little House that’s dedicated to the Little House books written by Laura Engalls Wilder. For fans of this classic series, this is a must-see. I adore these books, even though I never knew of them as a child. It wasn’t until I took a children’s literature class in college that I discovered them. So, check it out. You’ll get all goose-bumpy and sentimental and leave feeling good inside.

The other URL was shared by Alexis O’Neill. This is is a must-read article for yet-to-be published writers regarding The Seven Biggest Myths of Publishing. I nodded my head through the whole article–“Uh-huh. Yep, been there, done that. Oh, how true!” Thanks to Anastasia Suen and Alexis for spreading the word about this one.

One last one I’ve been meaning to share comes from the website of Cynthia Leitich Smith. Cynthia has a section called, Kit Lit, where her cats have reviewed cat-themed picture books (for reals!). This is so clever and fun to read, especially if you’re a cat lover.


4 thoughts on “Check Out These URLs

  1. Hi Terry,
    I came across your blog as over the past few days I have been surfing the net for blogs written by children’s authors, hoping for tips and inspiration. I will shortly be volunteering at a tiny school in the slum area of Bangalore, India. Story telling will be one of my activities. However, story books and story telling will be a new concept here, so I am a bit nervous.
    I launched a story book collection drive, which while still on-going has been successful.
    I am so glad that you and other children’s authors write these wonderful books and help in spreading joy.


  2. Thank you, Lubna. You might also want to look at Uma Krishnaswami's blog, Writing With A Broken Tusk. And definitely look at her books, as many of them are set in India.
    Best of luck,


  3. I think that your books are very good. I found your blog not to long ago and i think it is very intersting. I like to write childrens books and your site gives a lot of information and helpful tips.
    Thanks so much- Sincerely Alaina.


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