Packet #4: Done. One more to go…

I’ve turned in and already received the feedback on my fourth packet. Phew!!! Another great experience.

Have I told you how much I admire and adore my advisor Kathi Appelt? Not only is she a fabulous, Newbery Honor-winning author, but she’s a cat-lovin’ Texas gal with a passion for picture books. Now, Kathi has an extraordinary way with words when it comes to the pen, but she’s also the most astute critiquer I’ve ever worked with. Her ability to find what needs work in my writing is so spot-on that I totally trust her opinion and am willing to try anything she suggests (seriously, she could tell me to run out in the street and swing a dead chicken over my head five times to stimulate my creativity and I’d do it!).

Back to the packet; a couple more mss near finished. A brand new one that’s a good start but definitely needs some work (which is expected). Best of all, I’m pushing myself creatively and finding that it’s not so scary after all. And I’ve now got the okay on my long essay and can begin focusing on my presentation for the winter residency. My topic is anthropomorphism with a focus on cats. Yes, CATS. Surprise, surprise. It should be a howling good time. >^..^<

3 thoughts on “Packet #4: Done. One more to go…

  1. Terry,
    If Kathy does tell you to run out in the street and swing a chicken overhead can you please get Mark to take a picture for me.
    Rebecca L-G


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