Semester Two: Packet One. Done!

I turned in my first packet for this semester over the weekend. This semester my advisor is the fabulous Laura Kvasnosky. Whenever I turn in a packet I never quite feel like I’m done until I receive the feedback from my advisor. So, I sit on pins and needles, eagerly anticipating…

…until, TA-DA! My amazing advisor (at a lightspeed pace) sends back a complete and thorough set of comments about my entire packet of work. I love this aspect of the semester because I find out specifically what is working with my writing, and more importantly, what I need to learn more about–craft issues, suggested readings, revision tips, etc. It’s like going to the candy store for writing-improvement.

This morning I fist-pumped and yelled, “YES!” when I read Laura’s comment that I’d successfully used “objective correlative.” (chuckle if you will, but this was new to me). I loved seeing her revision suggestions for my picture books–seeing how I can sculpt my stories into better pieces of art. I wrote an essay comparing dialogue in beginning readers and picture books; I knew, with her being an expert at this, that she’d have a lot to say on this subject. I definitely have a lot to think about on that topic and am looking forward to having a discussion with her about it.

Yes, packets are a stressful and joyful part of the Vermont College experience. To me, they’re like a compass. They give direction and the hope that I’m heading the correct way.

Now, onto re-reading Laura’s comments so they can sink in even more…

4 thoughts on “Semester Two: Packet One. Done!

  1. Hi Ann,

    I see picture books as works of fine art; a combination of text and illustration that come togther harmoniously in one final piece. As I recently wrote in an essay, “As inhaling and exhaling gives life to all creatures, text and art breathe life into a picture book.” As a writer, I want to “sculpt” my story into the best form it can be to allow an illustrator to bring his/her magic to it.



  2. Hi Terry,

    Laura Kvasnosky IS fabulous! I was lucky enough to be in a crit group with her in Seattle before I moved. She is amazing as a person and author-illustrator. I'm so glad you have her as your advisor.

    Congrats on turning in your semester packet!


  3. Hi, Terry,

    I really appreciate that you're giving such an in-depth look into life as a VCFA student! I found your blog through the VCFA catalog. I'm about to apply to the MFA in writing for children and YA (though my focus is more YA). Thanks so much for your great blog!



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