Ya Gotta Love Squidoo!

This link came across my desk this morning. Don’t you just love Squidoo? If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a site where folks can post articles. For example, this one is about “Picture Books about Bears” and features a few favorite titles of the author’s. And of course, Blackberry Banquet is featured!

Click here to find a Squidoo article that I wrote called, Ten Things to Do with a Children’s Book.

You can find almost anything on Squidoo—now keep in mind that anyone can post an article, and there’s a sort of “honor system” that people write about things with which they actually have some expertise–in other words, reader beware! I wouldn’t want my doctor gleeming info from this site about practicing medician, if he’s written a book and wants some book promotion ideas, then let him have at it!

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