And So Another Chapter Ends…

Wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since I graduated from Vermont College of Fine Arts MWCYA program (that’s Masters in Writing for Children and Young Adults), but every time I check the calendar it’s confirmed. One month, all right. Here I am with my fellow graduates (L.E.C.S.) just last month at the beginning of the summer residency.

What an experience it was–too incredible to even begin to put into a blog post–and it’s incredibly bittersweet that it’s over. I’m happy to get my life back, but will sorely miss the learning experience and camaraderie of the VCFA community (yes, I can still stay in touch but it’s not the same when life doesn’t revolve around packet deadlines).

Maybe I can give more attention to my blog now–oh wait, revisions await, near-finished projects loom, there’s that issue of finding an agent. And a job… Hmm… Never mind.

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