Great Blogs to Peruse

It’s hard to find time to read all the great blogs that are out there. Really? Who has the time to read them all? Of course, EMU’s Debuts is fabulous! (ahem, yeah…it’s composed of my literary agency-mates). And I enjoy Picture Book Builders, as well. And another terrific one is BookMom: Picks from a Publishing Parent.

But perhaps what I feel is the blog to end all blogs is Betsy Bird’s Fuse #8 “31 Days, 31 Lists” where for each day of December, she posts a list of the year’s best books (by category). I mean it! You want “funny” then go to Dec. 7. You want a list of alphabet picture books, it’s there! Board books, bilingual books, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, chapter books, poetry, nature, the list goes on and on until the last day of December. I have a feeling if December had 6o days, Betsy could find enough books for that too!

So, while you’re standing in line to buy that reindeer sweater for your Uncle George or taking a break from the holiday shopping at your local coffeehouse, give some of these blogs a look.

Enjoy the holidays and happy reading!