Oh, Baby! Happy Launch Week Terry Pierce!

Today begins EMU’s Debuts book launch week for my brand spankin’ new board book, MAMA LOVE YOU SO (illustrated by the fabulous Simone Shin​). Debbi Michiko Florence​ kicks off the week with favorite baby books and photos of some of the Emus in the nest!

EMU's Debuts

This week we are celebrating the launch of a book for newborns by Terry Pierce:


Mama Loves You So by Terry Pierce, illustrated by Simone Shin (Little Simon/March 14, 2017)

This sweet book in rhyme celebrates nature and a mother’s love with gorgeous illustrations of animals and their young. A perfect bedtime (and really anytime) book to read to a little one.

We asked authors about a favorite baby book, either one read to them as infants or read to their own babies. Check out these baby pictures! And we’d love to hear about your favorite books from your childhood!


Christina Uss: My twins’ favorite book as babies was Sandra Boynton’s Barnyard Dance. Their eyes would get wide when I did this little dip-and-shuffle-thing and began “Stomp your feet…clap your hands…Everybody ready for the BARNYARD DANCE!”  Then their faces would crumble and tears began when I hit the last page –…

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