COVER REVEAL! (okay, a bit late…)

Hello Children’s Book Lovers! Boy, it’s been a while and my apologies. Between dealing with a health issue and pandemic stress, I sort of went into a hole. Luckily, I was able to have back surgery a week before the pandemic shut down non-elective surgeries. A few weeks of recovery and strengthening, and I’m physically up to writing again. I also took a few days (weeks?) to climb my way out of the “creative dead zone” that so many writers have found themselves in during the pandemic. Now, I’m ready to look forward to the future, which brings me to this post.

A few weeks ago, my editor sent me the final cover image of my next book, Love Can Come in Many Ways (Chronicle Books, illustrated by Suzy Ultman). Here it is! Isn’t it adorable? It’s a novelty book with ten (count ’em, ten!) felt flaps for little hands to lift. You can see a hint of the gorgeously colored felt in the leopard’s heart seen here.

The book comes out in October but you can pre-order your copy today! Here’s a link to pre-order from Amazon or to pre-order from Indie Bound.

More to come on this book. This summer, I’m going to do a journaling of sorts here, to share how this book went from story idea to dream come true.