EAT UP, BEAR! First Review!

EAT UP, BEAR! (Yosemite Conservancy, ill. by Nadja Sarell) has received its first review (from Foreword Reviews)! Here’s what they said:

Eat Up, Bear!

Terry Pierce

Nadja Sarell, Illustrator

Yosemite Conservancy (Apr 13, 2021)

Hardcover $8.99 (14pp)978-1-951179-01-4

Autumn campers and hikers peaceably coexist with hungry bears in this board book with a lesson for little nature goers: all are kept safe when people remember to properly lock up, and dispose of, their foods in the wild. Bright scenes, set along streams, trails, and among orange-leaved trees, find happy bears chowing down on natural delights while wide-eyed human beings picnic responsibly, at a safe distance from the hungry furballs, making this a great introduction to enjoying nature without disturbing its rhythms.

The official release date is April 13, but you can order now:…/youth/products/eat-up-bear

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