Eat Up, Bear! Reviews

Reviews are starting to trickle in about my latest board book, EAT UP, BEAR! (published by Yosemite Conservancy, Illustrated by Nadja Sarell). Board books aren’t the most reviewed type of children’s book, so to see reviews starting to come in on this truly unique board book topic (how humans can help keep bears wild), is truly exciting!

“A great introduction to enjoying nature without disturbing its rhythms.” —Foreword Reviews

“Readers aren’t going to miss the noble, not-so-subtle theme of this educational board book: that humans must “take care or bears will eat your food!” …a diverse assemblage of picnickers, campers, and hikers plainly demonstrate various methods of keeping bears away from tempting people-food, including locking up coolers, using bear-safe containers, and appropriately disposing of trash. Safely separated by the gutter, bears on the right-hand page nosh blissfully on insects, acorns, berries, and the like.”–Kirkus Reviews

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