Happy Book Birthday, HELLO, MEADOW!

Today my latest “book baby” is going out into the world! There are a few things happening to celebrate its release. First, I’m doing a book giveaway over on Twitter. Just Follow me (if you don’t already), Retweet, AND leave a comment or tag a friend, and this will automatically enter your name for a free signed copy of the book! https://twitter.com/terrycpierce/status/1658457278696284163

Next, my publisher, Yosemite Conservancy has posted a reading of the book by longtime National Park Service Ranger Karen Amstutz. Karen has been an advocate and guardian of Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park for a while (and the book is dedicated to her!). Here’s the link to view the recording: https://youtu.be/ULHynlIkVPs

Last, here are few blog interviews about HELLO, MEADOW!, in case you’re interested in reading more about the book and its journey to publication.

Making Nature Fun Blog by Maria Marshall

Writing & Illustrating Blog by Kathy Temean

Simply 7 Blog by Jena Benton

Kid Lit Village Blog by Cynthia Mackey

Thank you for supporting Yosemite Conservancy and helping keep our meadows healthy and strong!

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