Wednesday Wordplay Switches to Friday Funnies

Okay, I’ve discovered that my Wednesday Wordplays were turning more to humor posts that actual wordplays (not that wordplays aren’t funny–sometimes they’re just plain fun). Therefore, I’m switching things up a bit. From now one, I’m going to feature a humorous post on Fridays. Why Fridays? Well, I like the alliteration factor of “Friday Funnies” plus it’s the end of the week when everyone could use a good laugh as we gear up for the weekend.

So, here is my farewell send-off to Wordplay Wednesdays:

Change one word of a book title to create a humorous new title (See? There I go again with the humor). Here are a few possibilities by some of my favorite authors (okay, I admit it, they’re also my friends):

The Recess Queen (by Alexis O’Neill) becomes The Recess Sardine.
101 Ways to Bug Your Teacher (by Lee Wardlaw) becomes 101 Ways to Bug Your Preacher.
Sleepy Me (by Marni McGee) becomes Creepy Me.

If you want to post a comment with your own titles (and yes, please toot your own horn), I’d love to hear from you. Otherwise, I’ll see you on Friday!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wordplay Switches to Friday Funnies

  1. Hi Barbara,Oh my, I hope they don’t make your growl! Thanks for joining in. I actually thought about changing “Like a Maccabee” but all I could think of was “Strike a Maccabee” and that just didn’t sound very nice.


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