Friday Funnies: Joke and Riddle Writing ContestS (yes, it’s plural!)

A certain wonderful writing friend of mine with a wicked sense of humor has been complaining to me that the joke writing contest on my website, “Make Me Laugh! It’s National Humor Month” is only for kids. She wants to play too. Age discrimination, she calls it. I guess I can’t blame her.

Well, Rebecca, this one’s for you. I’m now running a joke and riddle writing contest through this blog, in celebration of National Humor Month. I’m calling it, “Belly Laughs on the Blog!”

Here it is, in a nutshell…or should I say, a nuttyshell:

April is National Humor Month. Are you a Jerry Seinfeld at heart? Do you secretly wish you had Jay Leno’s gig? In your private moments at home, do you watch the Johnny Carson collection and think, If only… Well, here’s your chance. Exercise your funny bone then post your funniest original joke or riddle (please—nothing you’ve read or heard elsewhere).
The rules are simple:
1. Nothing dirty or vulgar. No exceptions. Period.
2. All formats are open—jokes, riddles, knock-knocks, wordplays, puns, etc.
3. Non-kidlit topics, such as politics, are fair game, but keep in mind this IS a children’s literature-related blog run by a former pre-primary teacher, writer and cat-lover (okay, I love all animals, I have to be honest).
4. Entries must be ORIGINAL.
5. One entry per person, so make it count!
6. I will moderate comments so your post might not appear right away.
Winners will be judged based on originality and where they rank on the “laugh scale” (ranging from a smirk to rolling on the floor—and yes, I do laugh so hard at times that I end up on the floor).
The winner will receive an autographed copy of one of my joke books (hope you like corny kid jokes!). Other entrants will have the pleasure of knowing their creativity has brought joy into the hearts and minds of my many readers (all three of them ;-).
Contest deadline is May 1, 2007. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Friday Funnies: Joke and Riddle Writing ContestS (yes, it’s plural!)

  1. Ooooooh! I am so excited: a contest for adults like me with a juvenile sense of humor!Here goes:Q. Why did Captain Ahab lose his personal injury lawsuit against Moby Dick? A. Legally speaking, he didn’t have a leg to stand on. From Rebecca L-G


  2. In Alaska, there are ten men for every one woman! I’ve seen them… NO THANK YOU!!!!!From Lindsey 🙂


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