FRIDAY FUNNIES: Five Things That Make Me Laugh

Have you ever watched someone who’s so tickled at something that they can’t stop laughing, then that gets you laughing so hard that you can’t stop either? There’s nothing like a good belly laugh, is there?

Well golly, when Greg Pincus tagged me this week with “8 Things Meme” it got me to thinking that this could be even more fun with a twist of humor. So, I’m starting my own game of “blog tag,” called “Five Things That Always Make You Laugh.” Here are the rules (following the Meme format)—you have to list five things that make you laugh, on your own blog (it could be anything—even specific jokes). At the end of your list, you then “tag” three or more other friends on their blogs, leaving a comment on their blog and challenging them to join in the laugh fest.

Here is my list of things that never fail to make me laugh:

1. My husband’s impression of Chubby Checker singing, “The Twist.”

2. Listening to a five-year-old tell a joke.
3. The “vitameatavegamin” episode of I Love Lucy.
4. My son’s impression of Forrest Gump.
5. Comedian Bill Engvall doing any bit on family life.

Okay, now it’s my turn to payback Gregory K., so he’ll be my first choice. Next, will be my writer friend Barbara Beitz, and last but not least, the ever-cheery Tina Nichols Coury, who may need to expand beyond just five things…

Laugh on!