Children’s Book Trailer: Blackberry Banquet


Well, I did it! I plunged into the deep, dark waters of video promotion (where I’d never swum before) and made a book trailer for Blackberry Banquet. And it was really fun! I was surprised at how easy it was for me–it took about ten hours to create, plus another couple of hours to tinker with (it reminded me of writing a story~ how I “think” I’m finished but then I keep going back to tweak it here and there until I have it exactly like I want it).

So, here it is! Drum roll, please (drrrrrr…drrrrrr…drrrrrr)!

5 thoughts on “Children’s Book Trailer: Blackberry Banquet

  1. Wow, Terry! The trailer is a delicious feast for the eyes and the ears. I can’t believe you did it all yourself–you are a one-woman writing wonderwhiz–you are! Congrats on a great promotional trailer AND a great book. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.Rebecca Langston-George


  2. You did an awesome job! I’ve never seen one of these trailers before, but I loved the fun script font you used along with the music. Great illos, and ending question–makes me want to run out and get the book. Way to go!


  3. Hi Terry,I love your book trailer for “Blackberry Banquet!” I came across it while searching online for examples of children’s picture book trailers. I’m a Colorado author/illustrator of children’s pictures books and am getting ready to make book trailers for my books. Yours is my favorite book trailer that I came across! I just wanted you to know that. You did a great job!Sincerely,Ann Louise Ramsey


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