Making It Easier for You

In case you hadn’t noticed, I just added a cool little feature to my blog. See it? Over there–on the right. That little box that says, “Subscribe.” For you busy, busy folks who enjoy visiting my blog (thank you :-), I’m trying to make things easier for you. Isn’t that nice of me? 😉 I knew you’d appreciate that.

Here’s how it works: If you sign up to subscribe, an email will automatically go to you that includes my most recent post. Isn’t that grand? It’s like having me show up at your home or office, but without the nasty embarrassment of catching you in your bathrobe or with curlers in your hair!

So go ahead, sign up now! And once again, thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Making It Easier for You

  1. I like your blog. Can you point me to how you did that subscribe feature?Loved the Donna German interview! She’s holding my manuscript for consideration. My fingers are crossed to hear “yes!” soon.Donna


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