Calling It Quits?

Well folks, I’ve come to the decision that all of the fame that I’ve gained from writing for children is just too much for this little introvert. I mean really, how many pairs of dark glasses and wide-brimmed hats can one hide under?

And the wealth I’ve acquired in these past nine years has been so unexpected compared to what I thought it would be prior to becoming a children’s writer that I just can’t say enough about it!

Soooo, I’m packing my bags and moving to the Bahamas. The bag will include sunscreen, swimsuit, sundresses, flip-flops and enough cat food to last for my two spoiled feline traveling companions.

WHEN am I bailing on the writing world (and the rest of society too, I suppose)?

Let’s see, let me check my calendar…

Oh wait…it’s April 1!

Happy April Fool’s Day! 😉 (hee-hee)

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2 thoughts on “Calling It Quits?

  1. This mighta fooled some, but when I saw the “wealth acquired” in this field (and confirmed you’re not J.K.!), I knew it was Foolish 🙂But funny! And I think we’re all glad you’re not calling it quits….


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