I woke up today to find that my cyber-tour bus had stopped at two places; Anastasia Suen’s blog, Picture Book of the Day, and a Anne Marie Nichol’s blog, My Readable Feast.

But wait, you might say. Didn’t Anastasia feature your book yesterday? Well, yes, sort of. Yesterday, she posted an interview with me on her blog, but today she focused on my book for her blog, Picture Book of the Day. Because it’s a rhyming text, she thought it worked nicely with Poetry Friday as well. Here, she cleverly takes a closer look at books and gives readers two mini-lessons that accompany the book. What a fun way to stretch your imagination and practice your writing. Thanks, Anastasia!

My Readable Feast is a delightfully fun blog about family cooking and children’s books. How can anyone go wrong with that combination? Yesterday Anne Marie featured Blackberry Banquet, along with the blackberry smoothie recipe that is included at the end of the book. Today, she gave us a second helping of goodness by offering another recipe to munch on while reading Blackberry Banquet; Blackberry Cake! And mmm-mm! It looks yummy! (it might even cause me to squeak or yip!) I’m definitely trying this one :-).

Please check out both sites, as they’ve both offer a unique ways to extend Blackberry Banquet beyond the joy of reading it to a child. And I’ll tell you, its terrific to bond with books and create a true appreciation for stories where our kids are concerned!

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