An Interview…with Moi!

Children’s author Robin Dobson interview with me this morning! Click here to read about Blackberry Banquet and writing in rhyme. Robin is also giving away two signed copies of my book!

What I found to be delightfully surprising is that Robin created a math activity to go with Blackberry Banquet, where she uses the Montessori Division Board. Why was this surprising? Robin had no idea that I hold an AMI (Montessori) Teaching Diploma and taught Montessori preprimary classes for twenty-two years. Now, that’s serendipitous!

=  FUN!

Blackberry Banquet Reviewed on Katie’s Literature Lounge

Katie’s Literature Lounge has posted a review of my picture book, Blackberry Banquet (Sylvan Dell Publishing). This is a nice blog for folks who are interested in children’s book reviews. I especially like how Katie ties her reviews into themes (I’d bet that comes from her teaching experiences–this is something I can totally relate to). This week, she posted a list of past reviews that tie into National Wildlife Week.

Crawl, hop or jump on over for a look!

Oops! Missed a Stop

How does that old saying go? Well, slap my face and call me silly! Yesterday, it was pointed out to me that Valarie Giogas, author of In My Backyard (Sylvan Dell Publishing), had hosted me on her blog as part of my book blog tour a few days ago. Thank you, Valarie, for bringing it to my attention! :-}

Valarie had asked me some really fun questions for the interview, so please hop on over to her blog for a look (scroll down to June 13)!

Thanks, Valarie!



I woke up today to find that my cyber-tour bus had stopped at two places; Anastasia Suen’s blog, Picture Book of the Day, and a Anne Marie Nichol’s blog, My Readable Feast.

But wait, you might say. Didn’t Anastasia feature your book yesterday? Well, yes, sort of. Yesterday, she posted an interview with me on her blog, but today she focused on my book for her blog, Picture Book of the Day. Because it’s a rhyming text, she thought it worked nicely with Poetry Friday as well. Here, she cleverly takes a closer look at books and gives readers two mini-lessons that accompany the book. What a fun way to stretch your imagination and practice your writing. Thanks, Anastasia!

My Readable Feast is a delightfully fun blog about family cooking and children’s books. How can anyone go wrong with that combination? Yesterday Anne Marie featured Blackberry Banquet, along with the blackberry smoothie recipe that is included at the end of the book. Today, she gave us a second helping of goodness by offering another recipe to munch on while reading Blackberry Banquet; Blackberry Cake! And mmm-mm! It looks yummy! (it might even cause me to squeak or yip!) I’m definitely trying this one :-).

Please check out both sites, as they’ve both offer a unique ways to extend Blackberry Banquet beyond the joy of reading it to a child. And I’ll tell you, its terrific to bond with books and create a true appreciation for stories where our kids are concerned!

BLACKBERRY BANQUET Blog Tour!: Double Stop on Day #4

Wow, not only did Anastasia Suen blog about Blackberry Banquet today, but illustrator Sherry Rogers has also hosted me on her site. Wowie! Check out the interview here.

Sherry is an illustrator with a cute, whimsical style that’s perfect for so many picture books. Bright colors, smooth lines and a playfulness are her trademark. Her latest book is Kersplatypus (Sylvan Dell Publishing). You can see the book trailer here.
Thanks so much for hosting me, Sherry!

BLACKBERRY BANQUET Blog Tour: Stop #4, Anastasia Suen’s Blog

This morning I was delighted to see that Anastasia Suen posted a three-question interview with me. And she even included a photo of the plush bear that accompanies Blackberry Banquet (he’s just so cute!). Please head on over to Anastasia’s blog to see what it’s all about!

Anastasia is a prolific children’s author with one hundred six books published (that’s not a typo–106!). One of her recent books is Wired (Charlesbridge) a picture book about power and electricity. What I love about this book is that it was inspired by driving down the road, observing the power lines, which goes to show that ideas can come from the least expected places!

Thanks for the interview, Anastasia!