Vermont College: More Preps

Twenty-four days and counting to VC!

I’ve been busy organizing my thoughts, making a ka-zillion lists, doing the suggested reading, and yesterday I received a lovely packet of twenty-four picture book manuscripts that I’ll need to critique before my arrival. The manuscripts are all written by the nine other people in my workshop group for the residency (which I’ll call “the rez” from now on, to expedite typing). I’m so excited to read them and get a sense of the other writers I’ll be working with. Five of the students have just finished the Picture Book Semester and the other five are those who will be doing it this fall (including myself). Talk about hanging out with like-minded folks!

And fun of all fun, last weekend I went to Staples to buy new school supplies. Yep, I’m just THAT big of a nerd that I get excited over buying new school and office supplies :-}.