Eighteen days and counting… (okay, is this too much? Am I overdoing the countdown?).

I’ve finished the “required” reading for the rez and am now turning to the “optional” reading. I’m also fully focused on the manuscript critiques for my workshop group. I’ve done about 1/4 of them and I must say, WOW! The quality of writing is amazing and definitely makes me second guess what I had submitted! (you know how we writers like to doubt ourselves).

I’m also starting to think about the details of housing and life in the dorms. Not being a “spring chicken” anymore, I don’t travel quite as lightly as I used to. It amazes me that I used to be happy spending my nights in a sleeping bag on the ground with a pile of clothes for a pillow and an occassional mouse darting over my legs (from my backpacking days).
For the rez I’m going to ship a box of “comfort” goodies to VC–soft sheets, towels, pillow, coat hangers, maybe a coffee maker, etc.). Not that these things aren’t supplied by VC–they are! (well, not the coffee maker), but if you don’t like scratchy sheets and small, threadbare towels, then they recommend you bring your own. But at least they’ll hold your package for you so it’s all there when you arrive. Nothing like the comforts of home to make a long stay somewhere more enjoyable!