Have You Ever Been So Busy That…

You almost left the house without wearing any pants. Yep. Last week was just that crazy-busy for me.

I’d turned in my second packet, received the feedback, and was working hard to get a revision done that was due today (as Kathi Appelt says, I was “writing like my fingers were on fire”). My head was filled with research ideas, dancing animals, an Italian educator, cats and a T-ball game (yes, it was crowded in there).

Amidst all this, I wanted to see my chiropractor. So, when his office called and said they could see me right away, I ran upstairs to change clothes. I got distracted with something while changing (can’t recall what it was). Minutes later, I got to the top of the stairs and thought, “What am I forgetting?” I looked down and realized I wasn’t wearing any pants. OOPS!!! Yeah. Working on my MFA keeps is keeping me just that busy…

2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been So Busy That…

  1. Just think my friend, now when people google “women without pants” your blog will pop up. Should make for some interesting networking opportunities!
    Rebecca L-G


  2. Hmm…well, I didn't add it as a tag or keyword, and I don't DARE Google it myself, so I'm just going to hope that nothing ever comes up. Yep, blind optimism is my style. But as you say, it might make for some interesting networking opportunities.


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