Still Alive…but barely

Wow–I’ve really been absent from blogging these past few weeks. The VCFA semester came to a screaming end, sort of. The first week of Dec. required my last packet to be submitted. It was bittersweet. Really. I was relieved that I had accomplished the last packet and felt good about the work I’d submitted, but then again, it was the last packet. My last one! I’ve grown to enjoy receiving feedback from my advisor and seeing how I can improve my writing. And I’ve loved immersing myself in the picture book genre this semester. I know I’ll never have another experience like this for the rest of my life. That’s the “bitter” part.

The second week required me to submit to the admin office the “secret sixth packet” which consists of evaluations, summaries and writing samples from the semester. Not hard work to compile, but it did take time and took some thought with my responses.

And all the while, I’m still working the bugs out of my PowerPoint presentation for my panel presentation for the winter rez. The four other PB Semester students and I each have 15 minutes to give a talk, then our advisor gets a few minutes at the end. I have my talk finished, but I keep having glitches in the actual slide show. Sigh…technology and I DO NOT get along sometimes. It really is a love-hate relationship. But I’m doing everything I can to assure that it’ll be running smoothly by the time I get to the residency. Fingers crossed. Toes too.

Oh, and there’s this little thing called Christmas looming…

4 thoughts on “Still Alive…but barely

  1. How exciting to be coming to the end of your first semester at Vermont College. I remember the terror and the joy of preparing for my end-of-picture-book semester presentation. You'll do great.


  2. I imagine you're glad Christmas is over and now you can go full speed ahead toward preparing for winter rez.

    So happy for you, Terry. And enjoy all that reading.

    Jean Ann Williams


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