Holy Cow, Another Residency!

I really did have the best of intentions–I was going to get back to posting regular entries on my blog, set up some more Mini-Views and do some more book reviews.

I wish I could blame my lack of attention to the holidays, but considering that I didn’t put up a single decoration and am still hunting for gifts, I can’t blame them. I haven’t even made any New Year’s resolutions, other than to just do what Vermont College tells me to do. To the best of my ability. Period.

The fact is, when you enroll in the Vermont College MFA program, the universe applies a vortex that sucks time out of your life. Seriously. You get up each morning, with the intention of running this errand, posting a blog entry, calling that old friend, baking cookies for your kids, but no. Evening rolls around and as you drop into bed, you realize that once again, you’ve left all those things uncrossed on your “to do” list. Now don’t get me wrong–the great sucking vortex does leave you room for reading, writing, listening to lectures on CDs and researching– but time for anything else? Nuh-uh. Nada. Zippo.

And now I’m staring at the winter residency that begins on Sunday. I have two days to pack all my “stuff” (AKA, school materials and anything that will help prevent me from freezing to death) then hit the Saturday 5:00 AM flight (yes, you read that right, A.M.) from the high desert down to LA. Oy.

I will try to post from Vermont when I can. No promises, but I’ll try!

5 thoughts on “Holy Cow, Another Residency!

  1. If you have a chance, blow some soap bubbles when it gets below -10 degrees and tell me what happens. Or, if you don't have soap bubbles, take some boiling water and throw into the air away from you. Instant snow!

    Enjoy your winter residency.


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