West Boron Elementary, Here I Come!

Tomorrow I’ll be heading down to Boron, CA, a small town in the high desert just south of where I live, to help the students of West Boron Elementary School celebrate Read Across America Day. I’m so excited about my visit–I love speaking to students about the writing process and getting them excited about reading. I still remember my fabulous fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Barnes, and how she turned me onto reading. Talk about a keystone year!

How are YOU celebrating Read Across America Day?

3 thoughts on “West Boron Elementary, Here I Come!

  1. Have a great time! I completely forgot it's Read Across America tomorrow because March 2 is also the 7th grade state writing test throughout all of California.


  2. And, least we forget, March 2 was also the anniversary of a special person's birthday – Dr. Seuss. Terry, I'll think you'll get a luagh from the Cat-in-the-Hat Salad on my blog. But back to reading, my mother had to hid my books from me so I would go outside to play. Sigh. Nobody hides books from me now so I stay up late, late, late reading.


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