Good Golly, Where Is the Time Going?

My goodness, I looked up at the calendar (which was still on February so I flipped it) and saw that we’re halfway through March already. Ack!!!

WHERE is the time going?

Oh wait…I turned in my second packet today. Surely THAT’S where the time went. Into my packet preparation.

But I now have two more essays done, six chapters of my novel turned in and a bibliography (check-check-check!). Oh, and this time around I included a structural summary of my novel-in-progress. I think structure is *finally* starting to sink in with me. Finally!

I’d like to say I’ve earned a couple of days off to relax, catch up, and flip the rest of the calendars in the house, but with spring break next week (which translates to husband and kids being home), there’s no time to rest. Gotta get as much done as I can this week. But maybe I can solicite some help in flipping the calendars next week. Of course by then we’ll practically be in April. Maybe we should just skip March…

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