FREE Book Giveaway! (I mean, BOOKS)

Today, the a-mazing (no, make that A-mazing with a capital A) Kirsten Cappy of Curious City is launching a FREE STEM Story Hour Kit, designed especially for educators and librarians, to use with MY BUSY GREEN GARDEN. To get a look at this beautiful kit, just buzz, hop, flutter or dawdle on over to her website HERE.

And today, Curious City is starting a book giveaway (yes, as in FREE, F-R-E-E) to kick off the celebration of this gorgeous STEM Story Hour Kit. CC will be giving away 22 copies of the book! (special thanks to Tilbury House, my publisher, for donating the books). For details in how to enter the giveaway, click HERE.

But don’t dawdle too long–winners will be announced on May 8, on the Curious City DWP page. Please share this any educators or librarians you know!

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