Tomorrow, my picture book, MY BUSY GREEN GARDEN will be released into the world! I’m so excited about this book because the art is stunning (well done, Carol Schwartz!) and the text was so much fun to write.


In a nutshell (or in this case, maybe I should say a chrysalis), this book is about life in a flower garden and the creatures that inhabit or visit it. The cumulative text builds as more animals come into the garden, all while something mysterious is happening in the background.

Why am I posting a day before my book’s official birthday? Because children’s author Sarvinder Naberhaus posted a wonderful interview today on EMU’s Debuts, with Carol Schwartz and myself. Click HERE to read it. And I’m giving away a signed copy of the book for one lucky person who leaves a comment.

And just a reminder, tomorrow is the last day to enter my Goodreads Giveaway for a signed copy of MY BUSY GREEN GARDEN. To enter, click HERE.

Happy reading!


Book Promotion Ideas on EMUS DEBUTS

Today on EMUS Debuts, I share some book promotion links that I’ve found helpful as I move forward in planning events for my upcoming book releases.

Book promotion can be a bit mind-boggling for many authors (including myself!). Each book requires its own special promotional events, so my hope is to share resources and help other writers who are experiencing that feeling of “swirling the drain” as they plan for their book release.


This week on EMU’S DEBUTS, we’re celebrating the release of Elly Swartz’s debut novel, FINDING PERFECT.

We have many terrific posts about Elly’s middle-grade novel, a story about an OCD girl determined to have a perfect family. I especially enjoyed today’s post, were Hayley Barrett asks, “What advice would you give your 12-year old self?” I think it’s interesting to pause for a moment and think about yourself at a younger age, consider where you were then and how far you’ve come to where you are now.

What would you say to your younger self?

The Launch Continues…

This week EMU’S DEBUTS has been celebrating the launch of Donna Janell Bowman’s debut picture book, STEP RIGHT UP. It’s a fabulous picture book biography about Doc and Jim Key and how they began the humane treatment of animals movement. Every day, a new post has been made to give insight into the creation of this wonderful book.

Today, Cynthia Levinson lets readers get to know some of the EMUS a little more closely by sharing stories and pictures of their own pets. I’ve always said that behind every great author there’s a cat (or dog or horse or some furry, finned or feathered creature!). Enjoy Cynthia’s post here!