The Today Show’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide–Guess what’s on it?

Today my editor let me know that Love Can Come in Many Ways has been listed on The Today Show’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Best Books for 1-Year Olds.

You might wonder, What’s the big deal, Terry? Well, if you look at the other nine books listed by amazing authors such as Sophie Blackall, Nikki Grimes, Sandra Boynton, Mac Barnett and others, well, I’m kind of excited! These are all writers I admire and have been smitten with for years.

Thank you, The Today Show!

Great News!

Cuánto mamá te quiere (Spanish edition of Mama Loves You So) received an honorable mention in the board books category of the Campoy-Ada Awards.

“The objective of this award is to recognize books for children and young adult published in Spanish in the United States, that stand out for the content originality, its literary and artistic creation, and the excellent use of Spanish.”

To read more about the award and the other outstanding titles, click here.MamaSpanish

Great News…Times Two!

I think I need to go on vacation more often. Why? Because good things seem to happen when I’m away from my desk. What’s new, you might ask? Well…

Upon returning from the annual Erin Murphy Literary Agency Retreat in June, I received a contract from Tilbury House for my picture book manuscript, MOTHER EARTH’S LULLABY. Woohoo! This story was part of my creative thesis at VCFA and is close to my heart so I’m thrilled that I’ll see it in print (and more importantly, that young children will get to see it in book form). I’ve loved working with Tilbury House on my other picture book, MY BUSY GREEN GARDEN (illustrated by the amazing Carol Schwartz, Spring 2017) so I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and start on this project.

The other terrific thing that happened two days ago is that my upcoming board book, MAMA LOVES YOU SO, was listed in Publisher’s Weekly “Spring 2017 Sneak Previews.” I’m so excited to have this story published by Little Simon and illustrated by the fabulous Simone Shin. As soon as I receive permission to share the cover, I will! (it’s gorgeous so you won’t want to miss it). Though I wrote this story as a picture book (and my agent pitched it as a picture book), Little Simon wanted to produce it as a board book to include in their new line, Stories to Start (books for parents to share with their babies).

There you have it! With great news like this, I’m not sure I should ever go back to my office! But when I do, I’ll probably be moving like this…