Children’s Book Council and Squidoo

Today I found out that Blackberry Banquet is being featured on the Children’s Book Council website’s “Hot Off the Press: A Sneak Peek at Publishers’ Newest and Hottest Titles” (their monthly feature of anticipated bestselling titles). Okay, I’m stoked! Doesn’t that just make you want to run out and buy a copy? 😉 And check out the other titles on the list–these are some fabulous books!

On a different note, this past weekend, I Squidooed—did you? Squidoo is a website that features “lenses” (single-page websites) that feature all kinds of interesting things, written by folks with a particular area of expertise. I wrote about Ten Things to Do with a Book to give parents and teachers some possible ideas to extend the reading experience with their children or students. Want to learn about Fibonacci Poetry? Check out Greg Pincus’s lens. There are all kinds of subjects (my husband found a interesting lens on green architecture that he’s planning to share with his students). I imagine there is everything from how to change the oil in your car to how to make a banana split. Check it out!

TAE KWON DO! Nominated for Award

I love Google Alert! Yesterday I received a notice in my inbox that Tae Kwon Do! is on the list of nominees for The Garden State Book Award, in the Easy Reader category.
Wow–this is my first nomination for a state award, so I’m definitely doing the Snoopy dance! The winners of all book categories will be announced at the end of this month. The list is filled with many other terrific books, so I’m just honored to be right there with them.

Blackberry Banquet Good News!

I just found out from Lee German of Sylvan Dell that Blackberry Banquet can now be pre-ordered and shipped out mid-May. That’s a two month jump on it’s release date! I feel like I’m going into my eighth month of labor, eagerly anticipating the birth of my baby (only this won’t involve any pain and I’ll get to sleep through the night :-).



I have a few good things to post. The first, my Snoopy Dance news is that I found out yesterday from my publisher at Sylvan Dell that I will be participating at Book Expo America this year at the LA Convention Center! They weren’t sure if Blackberry Banquet (click here for a sneak preview) would be available by then, but despite its July 10 release date, it will. They’ll have advanced copies available for me to sign, so mark your calendars for the last weekend in May.

I’ve never attended BEA and I’m very excited. It’s such a huge event with so many publishers and authors—and to be a signing author is a thrill. My already overactive imagination is running amuck with thoughts of whom I’ll be seated near. I mean, isn’t it every children’s writers dream to get to rub elbows with Jane Yolen or Richard Peck (even if it’s from a distance and a line of people separates our elbows).

The other good news is that I recently heard from Roxyanne Young of She has decided to run the WIN competition (Write It Now) again this year. It will be open for entries beginning in August 2008, so mark your calendars and watch the SmartWriters website for updates.

One last bit of cool information. Author Bruce Hale, of Chet Gecko and Underwhere fame, is offering a 39% discount on the first four CDs in his Teleseminar series on writing and publishing (targeted toward beginning and lower-intermediate writers). Each recording addresses a different aspect of the process. You’ll find insider tips from editors and agents, plus time-tested information on how to write, edit, and sell your story. Click here for more info.

Happy Writing to All!


Shrinking Violets Promotion

Those introverted ladies at Shrinking Violets Promotions sure know how to recognize a good title when they see one. I just found out that little old me won their most recent contest. Yippee! Oh, the joys of feeling validated! The contest was to use a book or song title and rewrite it from an introvert’s perspective. What was my entry? Ahh, you must click here to find out!



This morning I was doing some marketing research and surfed to the Picture Window Books website. To my delight, right there on their home page was my recent book series, MOTHER GOOSE RHYMES.

Why the honor of being featured on their homepage when they published over 200 books on their spring list? Well, it seems that the series was not only a finalist in the Association of Educational Publishers Golden Lamp Award, but it also named a 2007 Winner of the Distinguised Achievement Award (by their definition, “The Distinguished Achievement Awards honor the top products within the categories of Curriculum, Periodicals, and Professional Development. The finalists are evaluated on traits such as efficacy, usability, and educational value.”).
What an unexpected surprise–time for a little Snoopy dancing!

New Joke Book: A Real Jokefest!

Who’s there?
A nutter.
A nutter who?
A nutter joke book!

A few posts ago, on April 13, I talked about mistakes in the publishing business and then went off on one of my silly mind warps :-}. It all started when I saw my name listed online as a co-author of a joke book of which I’d never heard. Well, as it turns out, I was the one who was mistaken.

The book, A Little Giant Book: Laughin’ Jammin’ Slammin’ Jokefest (A Little Giant Book), co-authored with Jacqueline Horsfall, is a joke collection of jokes and riddles from previously published books by Sterling Publishing Co., the same company who has published my other three joke books (I guess they just forgot to inform me about this new collection). So, to this little author’s delight, I’ll have a fourth joke book coming out in August of 2007. Wow! Talk about a gift! A new book and I didn’t even have to write any new material for it (maybe this will make up for all those rejection letters and other frustrations that come with this business…hmm…nah! Not even close!).

So, keep those eyes peeled (and potatoes and bananas) in August, for the next collection of humor, ala Terry (and Jacqueline).


FRIDAY FUNNIES: And the Winner Is…

After careful consideration and consulting with two other judges, I’m happy to announce the winner of the “Belly Laughs from the Blog” adult joke writing contest. Drumroll, please…

Rebecca Langston-George!

Congratulations, Rebecca. Your autographed copy of Greatest Goofiest Jokes is on its way to you. Here is Rebecca’s winning entry:

Q: Why did Captain Ahab lose his personal injury lawsuit against Moby Dick?
A: Legally speaking, he didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Very clever—incorporating humor and high literature are just the ticket for this kind of contest!

I’d like to thank the other “closet-comedians” who submitted jokes. You certainly gave the other judges and myself something to think (and chuckle) about.

Five Things That Give Me Goosebumps

1. Creepy movies–not gorey, chop up the stupid teenagers, don’t-go-in-there-alone movies, but the creepy kind that pull you in then BAM! Make you jump out of your seat (i.e., “What Lies Beneath” with Harrison Ford).

2. Hearing Yanni live in concert. His music makes causes me to “chair dance,” “aisle dance,” cry, laugh and definitely gives me goosebumps.

3. Sleeping at 10 below zero in the mountains. ‘Nuf said.

4. Reading authors like Richard Peck and Graham Salisbury.

5. Getting an email message from my Random House editor (a phenomenal editor, BTW) telling me that my easy reader, Tae Kwon Do! has been named one of The Best Children’s Books of the Year for 2007 by the Children’s Book Committee at the Bank Street College of Education. Hearing that news (only my second “list” ever) not only gave me goosebumps, it made me do a little chair dance as well :-).